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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playful Bookstore Video Goes Viral

I stumbled upon this happy little bookstore video on tumblr today. It's been out for only five days and already has over 1.5 million hits.

Now, I love spending time in bookstores. But the variety and immediacy of downloading books for the Kobo and Kindle apps on my iPad has been so seductive that I seldom hit the bricks and mortar buildings anymore.

When I do pull open the big heavy doors of  McNally Robinson or Chapters, the smells of the paper, ink and coffee slam the pleasure centres of my brain so hard that nothing short of my two impatient sons can nudge me toward the checkout.

I love technology. My next device will probably be a Kindle Fire. But there's something incredibly alluring about spending hours among thousands of hard copy books and other people who are just as crazy about them.

E-readers may have conquered my head in terms of selection, price and convenience. But seeing this playful little video reminds me that I have to get out to the bookstores more often. My heart tells me they're not going to be around much longer.


  1. You're absolutely right!This playful bookstore is fantastic and there's really nothing like the book, the set of printed pages, hardback or paperback, whatever!
    Have a great 2012.
    Alex from Portugal

  2. Hey, thanks so much Alex. Hope your 2012 got off to a great start!

  3. Wow, that video must have taken a LONG time to create, excellent. As you know I am a pretty heavy user of digital technology. I am pretty well converted to reading, annotating, etc. articles for my research and dissertation on my iPad (love GoodReader & Dropbox combo!). However, I still like the feel of a book. I have many books in digital form - a great way to carry hundreds of books/articles with you anywhere. I still enjoy a mix and order my 'pleasure' reading via the old fashioned method. I just purchased the Steve Jobs biography and considered ebook,audio or hardcover - I opted for hard cover.There is still room for the new and old formats,and I agree, paper books will be around for a while longer.

    By the way - nice to see a few new posts, Ray - I was beginning to wonder if you were giving up the blog (although I should talk - with my own monthly posts - if I am lucky)!

  4. I'll have to hit you up for some tips on GoodReader, Mike. I have it but am quite sure I'm not using it to its full potential. Thanks for noticing and commenting on the new posts. I've been playing with shorter form blogging on tumblr and posterous the last while. I've learned that both are very versatile - posterous perhaps more so. But tumblr has great themes and a much broader community to plug into. The problem with tumblr is it's a bit like the wild west and I'm not so sure I'm comfortable there. Again, thanks for weighing in. Really appreciate your comments.