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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Essential Tips for New iPhone Owners

Portrait of a woman using an iphone.
Ok, you've had your iPhone for a while and it's changed the way you interact with the 'Net. You feel more free, more able to do just about everything online. But there are still some simple things you wish you knew how to do. Like getting that pesky caps lock to actually stick for more than a character.

Well, here's how to do that and a few other things you might find useful.

1) Caps lock
Simply double tap the shift key. It turns blue. Away you go. Tap it again to deactivate. When Lainie Rowell showed this to a group of iPhone users at BLC '09, an audible gasp went up in the room. I mean who knew?

2) Go to top of screen
After you've been scrolling for a while through your emails or in a third-party Twitter app, simply tap once on the status bar (way up there) to get to the top of your inbox. Don't feel bad, I see many Blackberry owners who don't know they can simply press "t" to go top of the screen and "b" for bottom--instead of wearing out their trackball.

3) Zoom
Rather than spread or pinch with your thumb and forefinger, simply double tap on a column or picture to zoom in. Double tap again to zoom out. Same taps toggle from letterbox to regular view in Youtube.

4) Insert accents
Want to get this cool "ñ" or "é"? Simply tap the regular "n" or "e" and hold. Accent options pop up. Slide to the one you want and let go.

5) See previous search term (app store)
So, you plug in a search term, tap an app name to see details and reviews on it, but after you've hit the back button it's not obvious how to return to your original search term and list right? Wait, don't exit and enter the app store again. Just tap once in the search bar and you're back to the original term and list.

More essential tips you've discovered in your first weeks of iPhone ownership? Comment or share below.

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