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Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Cherish Our Teachers'

Early in the month, I blogged about whether any U.S. politician of note would recognize the work of American teachers with a few good words on World Teachers' Day. Surely that would have been a big boost to educators down south as beseiged as they are by reform mania.

North of the 49th, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Canada's new Governor General David Johnston - former president of the University of Waterloo and father to five daughters - took a few moments to praise Canadian teachers during his installation ceremony in Ottawa.

Johnston talked about Canada being a "smart and caring nation" and outlined the work we had to do to become even more so.
  1. Support families and children,
  2. Reinforcing learning and innovation, and
  3. Encourage philanthropy and volunteerism.
But what most struck a chord with me was his verbal bouquet to the nation's teachers. If you scrub ahead to the 49 sec. mark in the above video, you will hear this:

"Anyone who has achieved any degree of success and been placed in a leadership position can point to dozens of teachers, mentors and coaches who have made them better along the way...

"In my case, they number in the hundreds. During my term, we will find ways to properly recognize our teachers who are responsible for our intellectual development. If there is one trumpet call from my remarks today, let it be 'Cherish our teachers.'"

Hear, hear, Your Excellency. Nothing says eloquence like a heartfelt 'thank you.'

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