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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jealous of My Duct Tape Twitter Wallet?

If you haven't heard of duct tape wallets before, they're pretty cool. I mean, I've heard of things being held together with duct tape, but not made out of it.

Andrew Cardona runs a local business here in Winnipeg called Custom Pockets and he offers various styles of wallets to choose from, and tons of graphics to go with them.

"Could you do a Twitter design for me, Andrew?" I asked him. "You got it," he said, and this was the result.

He gave it to me tonight at a church Christmas dinner and I was so impressed. It's cool, inexpensive, and although I currently use a bungee wallet, I'll keep this one around as a working conversation piece.

If you'd like to get your own, check out Andrew's wares at


  1. Cool. My current wallet is getting worn, a souvenir from a pre-kids trip to Florence. Perhaps a duct-tape-constructed replacement might be in order.

  2. Great idea, Andrew. I think you'll be happy with one. And if it ever starts to wear out, you can patch it up with, know.