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Monday, January 18, 2010

Capture the Good Life with Memiary

Man standing on pebble beach, arms outstretched, rear view
Years ago, I listened to two custodians as I carried some display racks into a school gym for a pavillion at Folklorama, our city's festival of nations. I wasn't planning to eavesdrop, but I caught snippets of their conversation as I made trip after trip out to the truck.

First, they started complaining about their wives. That's bad form for any husband. But then they expanded their negativity, heaping scorn onto their children, employer and neighbours. The level of detail and discontent was astonishing. Nothing was sacred, everyone got the same disdainful treatment, and the whole effort was punctuated by profanity.

So, I started thinking about the quality of our conversations and the role of gratitude in our lives. Our words can have an important role in affirming and lifting people--including ourselves. The way we explain our lives to ourselves has a profound impact on our own happiness.

Recognizing what's right in our lives is not an exercise in self-delusion. It's not about giving real life a saccharin makeover. It's about dropping the charges against the people that surround you--especially those you love--and having the courage to count your blessings.

To that end, I'd like to recommend Memiary, a humble but highly practical program that allows you to capture five things you'd like to recall about your day.

The idea of summing up the good in your day in just five quick thoughts is freeing. There's no, I'm-to-tired-to-journal-that attitude, because it only takes a few minutes.

You don't have to use Memiary as a gratitude journal. It's not marketed as one. The idea is simply to answer the question, "What did you do today?" Why five and not, say, 15--who knows? But Memiary is a great tool for capturing what's good about your life, while you're on the run.

As programs go, Memiary is a simple little thing. But your notes are searchable. There's even an iPhone app (the best way to use it) and a presentation for teaching with it.

Still doubtful?

Ok, ask yourself, a month from now, will you remember five good things about today?


  1. OK, Ray - you have my interest - just downloaded the app & will try it out!

  2. I think you'll be pleased, Mike. To me the beauty of this app is that it's dead simple and it works. Using it on the iPhone makes it even more practical.