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Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 More Essential Tips for New iPhone Owners

Apple's New 3GS iPhone Goes On Sales At Stores
New owners build strong attachments to their iPhones over the first few weeks. If you're one of them, you know a world of features and apps has just opened up and it's bigger than you imagined. You could get lost drilling through the podcast menus alone. While you're playing around and getting used to navigating and living with your new machine, you may appreciate these five tips:

1) More than just .com
You want to enter .edu, .net, or .org. But there's no button for that. No problem. Press and hold the .com key. See how the other options pop up? Slide to one of them, take your finger off the key and voila!

2) Sluggish surfing
If you're like me, you rarely power down your iPhone completely. Instead you pop it into sleep mode and that becomes your default. On occasion, though, you may notice surfing or refresh speeds dipping. Time to give your phone a quick break. Power it down completely by holding that top button. Once you turn it on a minute later, you should find more snap in your browsing.

3) Slow wi-fi?
Download speed in your hotel room seems sluggish? Your 3Gs feels more like a 3G? Test it by going to the App Store and downloading It's free and a quick download. Once it's installed, hit "Begin Test" and watch your download and upload speeds start to register. You won't surf any faster, but it may confirm it's the wi-fi holding things up--not your iPhone.

4) Scared of losing your iPhone?
Well, you should be. But rather than buying any fancy tracking services, go the poor-man's route and download If Found Plus. It only costs a buck, and it let's you tag your phone's wallpaper with your phone number and email address. If your phone ever goes AWOL, you'll give an honest stranger a fighting chance of finding you.

5) Try pocket streaming
You know your iPhone kicks out rich sound for listening to podcasts and internet radio. So, next time you're doing the dishes or other light chores, turn it upside down in your front pocket and keep working. The iPhone's bottom speaker placement makes it perfect for this kind of listening. You don't have to worry about the cords snagging and it beats having those earbuds fall out every few minutes.

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