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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Judge the iPad - Till You See The Video

Most people either love or hate the idea of the iPad. This morning's decade-in-the-making announcement may have found you gushing about Apple's latest piece of magic or pronouncing it useless.

But there's also a chance you're firmly uncommitted. Without spilling a lot of verbiage here, I've got a quick challenge for you. Reserve judgment until you see this demo video.

Then watch the buzz over the next few days to see how much of this brilliant post on the Doghouse Diaries actually comes to pass.


  1. The iPad will be a game changer. Is it perfect, no. No camera, no multitasking, but recall the first generation iMacs, iPods and iPhones. They all had something "missing". The iMac didn't have a floppy drive. The iPod didn't play CD's. The iPhones didn't have video. 5 years from now, we will look back at this event like we look at the advent of most other apple products.

  2. You're right about every Apple juggernaut missing something, Tony--and it's not usually a deal-breaker. Successive iterations of the product usually clear up any major annoyances (absence of flash on the iPhone/Touch being the exception). Can't wait until June.