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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another 5 Essential Tips for New iPhone Users

So, you're absolutely enamoured with your new iPhone. You've learned so much since you first lifted it out of the box. And you know you're poking through a miniscule portion of the 140,000 apps while trying to familiarize yourself with all the phone's features.

Well, learning is all about exploration, isn't it? And something new pops up every day.

Here are five cool things you may not have stumbled upon yet.

Redial - Looking for a redial button? You won't find one. Tap the call button twice to call the last number dialed.

Voice Control - Yes, it's easy to dial with your voice. Just hold the home button for two seconds. The voice control screen will pop up and you'll hear a chime. Just say "call" or "dial" and the name of any person or business in your contact list--or say the numbers one by one.

Save Any Web Photo - If you like any picture you come across while browsing, simply tap and hold it. A four-item menu will pop up. Click "save image" and the picture will be added to your camera roll.

Webclips - Tired of looking up your favourite websites in Safari? Place icons for them on your home screen. Go to the site in Safari first, hit the "+" sign at the bottom of the screen, then tap "add to home screen."

Google Maps Streetview - This feature gives you a 360 degree view of any address in cities that have been photographed in this way. After you look up an address, tap the little orange circle (with the generic head and shoulders symbol) to the left of the address flag. You'll love what you see.

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